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Your Trusted Hoboken, Office Cleaning Company!

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Eco Green Cleaning Professional Inc has over 10 years of professional office cleaning experience, and our employees are ready for any job.


We want to ensure you are left with a spotless place, so we only employ the best. Our employees are well experienced and all come highly recommended.

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We use Eco Green, Eco- friendly, and non-toxic office cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment.

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Our Mission

In a world with changing needs, the mission of our team of dedicated, certified essential workers is to provide the highest-quality office cleaning services and state-of-the-art sustainable cleaning solutions in alignment with city and state pandemic mandates to help keep facilities, clients, and communities safer and healthier by preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.

Why Eco Green?

We are committed to protecting our community as much as we are to protecting our environment with sustainable products that reduce our ecological footprint

Our goal is to deliver exemplary service and lead with expertise and industry-standard best practices tailored to the unique needs of your organization every visit.

Eco-Friendly Signature Cleaning

We take pride in providing our clients eco-friendly signature cleaning experience as a part of a new norm because we care.

Our products are made of natural ingredients, are contaminant-free, fragrance-free, and are tough on stains while gentle on fabrics No ammonia, bleach, phosphates, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or dyes. Non-irritating, Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, and never tested on animals. 

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Founder Story

Jeremiah Kpoh was born in the Republic of Liberia, an African nation founded by Black American expatriates in 1847. The country’s more recent history involves ethnic disputes, political instability, and two civil wars – resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands and the displacement of more than 700,000 Liberians.

At age 12, after losing both parents, Jeremiah ended up in a refugee camp in the Ivory Coast. Though he experienced displacement and witnessed terrible suffering and struggle, he also found community and inspiration in humanity. To raise the spirits of his fellow refugees, he became a DJ, playing music to soothe troubled souls and ease the pain of living in difficult conditions. At age 16, he was lucky enough to be sponsored by an American family and was able to leave the camp and find a new life in San Francisco, California. 

He soon found employment as a houseman at the San Francisco Hilton hotel, where he developed a strong work ethic and learned the precise protocols of hotel cleaning. This detailed approach creates a spotless hospitality environment suitable for travelers, tourists, and businesspeople. 

After four years at the Hilton, he became the lead housekeeper at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, where he further refined his work ethic and added to his skill set, learning the additional cleanliness protocols required in a medical facility. While living in SF’s famed Mission District, Jeremiah found a vibrant cultural community, connected with fellow African expatriates, and became an in-demand club DJ and concert promoter.

After 12 years at the California Pacific Medical Center, Jeremiah relocated to New York City, where he worked at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. While working there, he earned a certificate in waste management for high standards of sanitation and disinfection. 

In 2013, during a dental appointment, he remarked to the doctor that the office looked dirty. The doctor asked if he thought he could do better, to which he replied, yes. Taking him at his word, the doctor offered him the opportunity to clean the office. After cleaning on Friday, the doctor called him in the next Monday and told him not only did he do a more thorough job than the other cleaners, but that he should consider starting his own business. 

This led to Jeremiah creating his own company, Fresh Air Cleaning Services. Over the years, he developed a number of regular clients in the medical and real estate fields through referrals and positive word of mouth.

In 2020 Jeremiah‘s drive, dedication, and entrepreneurship led him to establish another company called Eco Green Cleaning Professional Inc. Utilizing his training, work experience, and emphasis on attention to detail, he set about to develop a business model combining high-level professional standards with environmental sustainability. 

Jeremiah’s strong values are reflected through Eco Green Cleaning Professional Inc’s commitment to maintaining order, cleanliness, safety, and sustainability while offering top-notch professional services for home and business offices. Through his business, Jeremiah is able to give back to the community and pass on his values to his employees and clients.

Jeremiah has come a long way from being an orphaned youth living in a refugee camp in West Africa. The challenges he’s faced in his life have made him a survivor, led him to be resilient, and taught him the value of compassion for others. Through hard work and determination, he has realized the American Dream of coming from humble beginnings, learning how to thrive in major cities, and creating successful businesses.

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